King Of The Litterbox - a cat party game!


This game was designed and implemented for the course T-624-CGDD in Reykjavik University, winter 2019.

Play as feral cats that are mutant test subjects that scientists trapped in an experiment to create super-intelligent cats. These cats are highly evolved so as to walk on walls and jump mid-air! They must fight for control of the mythical golden ultra-yarn.

The scientists have left some power ups around to help the cats get the ball of yarn. They can pick them up to gain all sorts of abilities. Only the cat that can acquire three golden balls of yarn first will be allowed to leave and be crowned king of the litter box!


While the game was mainly designed with PS4 and Nintendo Switch controllers in mind, it's possible to use a keyboard for up to two players.

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch controls should be visible in-game, but here are the keyboard controls listed:

Keyboard player 1:

  • Horizontal: left and right arrow keys
  • Vertical: Up and down arrow keys
  • Jump: Right alt
  • Attack: Right shift
  • Walk: "." key

Keyboard player 2:

  • Horizontal: A and D keys
  • Vertical: W and S keys
  • Jump: Space
  • Attack: Left shift
  • Walk: Left alt


This game uses these sounds from freesound:



Guðni Natan Gunnarsson
Kormákur Breki Gunnlaugsson
Birkir Helgi Thorarensen

Install instructions

Downloading and launching the game

Please download Windows build of the game below.

Please download the OSX build by using this link:

Please download the source archive by using this link:

No installation is required, just launch the main executable "King of the Litterbox.exe" on windows.


KotL Windows 35 MB

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